Los Luna Story

In 2012, Vanessa and her family moved to Bali to get back to the basics, to focus on family and give their children a cultural experience. Whilst in Bali the family flourished, and Vanessa was inspired by the life that surrounded them. 

Residing on the south coast of Bali alongside rice paddies the whole family was immediately swept up in the lifestyle that is Bali. Living outdoors, watching the sunrise and sunset, and a life fuelled by the luna phases. "The moon has such a cultural significance to the Indonesian people, and particularly in Bali, the moon is a mark of so many things. I realised that our happiness came from the authenticity of the life we were living."

Feeling surrounded by beauty and culture, Los Luna was born.

"It was by chance I met the artisans I work with today, just by exploring Indonesia, going off the beaten track with the kids, meeting people, and discovering the rituals of daily life. I found myself obsessing over the baskets, furniture, and beautiful old wooden wares and bringing them into our home, and after a time I wanted to offer the same to other people too. That is where Los Luna began, homewares that have been made with traditional crafts, and hold cultural significance." 

As life went on so did Los Luna, ever evolving and helping others develop their own ideas and assisting them to fill their homes with pieces that they chose themselves. Retailers wanting to explore their own exclusive products. Even just taking clients on a shopping tour to discover these beautiful pieces and at a considerable saving as not buying from other retailers but going straight to the manufacturer. The thrill of rummaging though road side shop and finding something really special is what we love!

Los Luna is about tradition, culture, and the beauty in authenticity. "Every piece is finished and of impeccable quality, but I like there to be the sign of hand stitching and hand painting that marks each piece as individual and unique. That is where the stories come from, and I believe this is what we look for when we bring something into our home, a story."


Bali Interiors- Los Luna home-5.jpg