Los Luna is inspired by life in Bali; when the tide changes, the smell of incense of the offerings burning throughout the day, children flying kites in the street that they spent hours making. In Bali, you notice the simple things about life, maybe because you are not distracted by all the external noise... You are paying attention to life, to the sun and the moon. This is the simple pleasure I want to bring to people with Los Luna. The simple pleasures of artisan skill, and beautiful, authentic homewears. 

 After living amongst the locals for a year, our families and children became friends and I was welcomed into their homes. Every home was filled with beautiful fabrics, natural fibres, hand made pieces that had purpose and beauty. This is when I really began to understand the cultural significance of the art trade in Bali and surrounding Indonesia.

Los Luna is about the artists and cultural significance of art in Indonesia and other countries. All the pieces have been hand crafted. They have a history, and a story.

My hope is that through sharing Los Luna with you, you will have a little piece of history in your home too. To share with your family and friends and that it will bring you joy and simple pleasure it has brought me.