Textiles & Baskets

Cushions, floor rugs, curtains, upholstered furniture are just some of the beautiful textiles we can source. Whether it's a visit to the amazing fabric market or even custom designing your own fabrics for that colour palette you just can't find at home. Need help designing your very own capsule collection of linen clothing? We can help!

There are even some secret vintage and traditional textiles we can tap into to make your pieces that even bit more bespoke and unique. 

Traditional Ikat and Songet are just some of the beautiful fabrics found here in cottons as well as silks. New and old techniques are available  for you to create your own ideas onto beautiful fabrics.

Wholesale fabric warehouses are full of inspiration! The variety can be a little overwhelming, thats where we can come in to simplify what your looking for and go straight to that particular fabric wholesaler.